What is Variable Data Printing?

Have you ever wondered how mass labels are printed with unique content – like a barcode, QR code, or UPC? This is made possible by a printing technique called Variable Data Printing (VDP) and the end result is variable data labels.

Variable Data Printing is a form of digital printing in which varying data can be printed on each label. This technique enables fast printing of a large number of labels for various units of a product, facilitating easy identification.

How Does Variable Data Printing Work?

The process is simple. The data comes from a client provided database of unique information. The database is loaded, and the information integrated with our printing machine. The overall process is seamless and efficient, allowing for a cost effective, unique labeling solution.

Examples of Variable Data Printing Applications

Marketing: Variable Data Printing is widely used in marketing. Printed labels with individual names or customized information tend to yield a higher response rate than a generic printed piece.

Tracking: With QR codes, a company can add an individually coded label for signage or a printed piece and track the number of visits to the landing page or website.

Inventory: Printing sequential number labels in bulk is simple with Variable Data Printing making inventory day easy. Each adhesive label can have unique numbers or text and barcode as needed.

Customize your Labels

As with any of our labels, we can print a custom branded look. If you simply need a templated label with only room for the varying data, we can provide that also. And with our thermal transfer digital print and plot cutter options, you have

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