Labels for Energy Device Manufacturing

The need for adequate labeling exists across all industries as labeling is the key to communicating the proper usages of equipment. However, some industries require that labeling meet certain standards for safety reasons. Labeling in the energy device manufacturing industry require special UL 969 certified labels according to the UL Standards requirements in the U.S.

Scope of Requirements for Marking and Labeling Systems under UL 969

Adhesive identification labels used as nameplates, markers, or with graphic overlays displaying information or instructions should comply to UL 969 standards. Under these requirements, adhesives must be pressure-sensitive. The UL 969 standards for adhesive labels cover the raw materials, the adhesive and the ink and printing processes used for the creation of polyester labels and graphic overlays. They should also be heat or solvent resistant and adhere to a variety of different surfaces.

Different types of labels by Adhesa Plate

Adhesa Plate offers UL 969 certified labels for all associated applications. Our products meet the UL 969 standards that apply to energy device manufacturing.

Whether you require warning labels, basic instructions, or a description of specifications, Adhesa Plate can meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of adhesive labels and graphic overlays to get your message across.

Adhesa Plate manufactures a wide variety of UL 969 certified labels under the categories of agency labels, equipment labels, LED/deadfront graphic overlays, clear labels, barcode labels, and many more. You also can choose from a wide range of materials. Adhesive backed labels from Adhesa Plate come in polycarbonate (Lexan), polyester (Mylar), vinyl, and metallic (foil) materials.

Our Labeling Capabilities

Here at Adhesa Plate, we produce UL 969 certified labels with the latest technologies: UV inkjet printing, serializing and barcoding, laminations, laser cutting, plotter cutting, and embossing.

All of these components come together to create a durable product, which not only meets the UL 969 standards, but also satisfies your individual requirements. Our highly skilled art department ensures accurate artwork, producing detailed art proofs in 24-48 hours. They also provide guidance on how to submit your artwork, from both a technical and aesthetic viewpoint with the UL Label Center.

Our Label Certifications

Adhesa Plate is certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical within the EU (REACH) and RoHS. We also adhere to the Conflict Minerals Law, and have a whole range of MIL specs for our nameplates.

Our labeling certifications are what sets us apart from our competition. Our strict adherence to labeling certification guidelines ensures that no matter what industry you serve, you can trust us to produce an extremely durable and long lasting labeling solution.

Adhesa Plate Graphic Overlay Solutions

Graphic overlays are the ideal solution for creating unique and custom designs for your industrial equipment or electronic device. Offering accurate cutouts for switches or keypads to transparent windows for LED or LCD displays, we can create the graphic overlay that will enhance your products image using UL 969 certified materials and manufacturing processes.

Adhesa Plate Options

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of options for our clients. There’s really no limit to our adhesive label capabilities. Tinted transparent LED windows, custom embossed keypads, selective adhesive applications and internal cutouts are just a few of the choices you have when designing your label.

For design, there are really no limitations. We can use digital UV inkjet printing for crisp, unlimited colors and variable data like sequential barcodes or hexadecimal 2D barcodes or UID codes.  For precise cutting, Adhesa Plate offers conventional steel rule die cutting, digital laser or plotter cutting for custom cut shapes.

Call your Graphic Overlay Specialists Today!

There’s really no limit to our adhesive label capabilities.  Whether you have a design or just an idea, we can identify your product in a way that will create an impressive 1st impression.  Call us today for a free quote and consultation at 1.800.634.9701.

New Website Launch

In celebration of our upcoming 62nd anniversary, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website. The new is designed with simplicity in mind. The site layout offers a quick visual of our many products, materials, services and printing certifications.

Labeling Certifications

RoHS certified labelsOur customers come from a variety of manufacturing industries, electronic devices, energy, industrial and medical devices that are strictly governed by environmental rules and regulations. Any violation of those rules can result in fines or even shutdowns.

Our certification section is there so that you can rest assured our label processes and materials are up to date and that we have a variety of label types that are in compliance to produce RoHS certified labels.

Adhesa Plate also has a variety of UL tested labels to 969 standards. These labels are most often required where safety issues are a concern. Because most of our labels are certified, even if you are not required to buy a UL certified label, you will be receiving one.

Our Capabilities

We have achieved our success over the years by consistently incorporating new technology and tactics to stay competitive and on the cutting edge of label production. Our capabilities page displays the extensive amount of processes used to make our high-quality labels such as digital inkjet printing and cutting, laminating, urethane dome coating, steel rule die cutting, serializing-variable data, color matching and more.

With every product, we want to keep our customers unique needs in mind by creating cost-efficient solutions for their custom adhesive labels, graphic overlays, dome labels, UL labels and other adhesive backed products.  That’s why we offer a nearly endless range of combinations when it comes to producing and manufacturing our labels. This section allows you to view a detailed description of each available process, and discuss intelligently the processes that best suit your needs.

Labeling Materials

custom adhesive label materialsOur materials section presents the options for all labels, graphic overlays, and nameplates. Customers can choose from polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl and metallic material, with creative options for adhesives, films, and foams as well.

Clicking on the name of a material reveals a specific breakdown of that material’s qualities. For each option, we have included a list of possible uses for that type of label. The description also includes helpful information such as temperature resistance levels, scratch resistant properties, indoor or outdoor qualities and production recommendations.

With customization in mind, each material page includes a list of options concerning the thickness, colors and finishes available for the production of new labels.

Our Products

Customers can browse through our wide variety of labels, dome labels, nameplates and graphic overlays on our new products page. Each product type is displayed alongside sample photographs of that option, providing a visual example of the types of labels that are produced under this category.

For a list of specifications and details, customers can simply click on the name of the product. This view allows for a comprehensive look at all of the most important features of that product type. Customers can instantly learn the standout specifications of each product along with material options, industry certifications, and production capabilities.

If a customer wants even more details, the ‘Get a Quote’ button found at the bottom of the page provides an easy way of contacting one of our qualified Label Experts.


Our blog section provides helpful answers to common questions within our industry. Customers can find posts on what kinds of products require labels, what types of label to choose and what the best method of production might be.

In addition, we also keep our customers up to date with our latest product offerings and relevant industry news. This page primarily serves as a way to educate and inform our customers on what labels they might need and how we can be of help.

Choosing the right label can be a complicated process. The new Adhesa Plate website makes it simple by providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for browsing, selecting and shopping for all your label and nameplate needs. To get started on your order call 1.800.634.9701 or email us at