Importance of Labelling Industrial Machinery

Manufacturers and purchasers of industrial machinery need to pay close attention to machine labelling. Industrial machinery labels are very important, especially those that provide safety precautions or other essential information. Proper labelling and clear messaging reduces injuries and improves efficiency in the workplace.  UL regulations in the verbiage can also apply.

Understanding Labelling Standards

Make sure that you are aware of current labelling standards. You can find national and global labelling standards by searching for ANSI Z535.4 and ISO 3864-2. These publications are updated every five years. Also, undertake regular risk assessments. Manufacturers are responsible to define workplace risks and offer solutions to mitigate them. UL regulations may also require a UL 969 certified label, per UL PDGQ2 Component – Marking and Labelling System.

As you design your industrial machinery systems, analyse the likelihood of a variety of workplace disasters and rank the level of severity of these situations. Decide whether you can reduce the danger by repositioning equipment; if not, make sure that the warnings are clear with proper equipment labelling.

Global Thinking

Industrial labels should also be global, even if the machinery you manufacture is intended for sale in your country. Safety symbols ensure safety for everyone, despite any language barriers. This is especially important if you employ foreign workers.

New Technology

Innovative new uses for the UID or QR codes and labels. Applying a proper UID or QR code to your label can allow a service technician or operator to scan the code with a smart device and be linked to a service or operating manual on a secure website. Imagine the possibilities.

Making it Stick

Industrial machines have varying surface textures and surface energies. You must choose industrial labels that will stick permanently to these surfaces. All powder coated surfaces require special LSE adhesives, standard adhesives will not adhere. Also, you want these labels to stay attached to your machinery, even under extremes of heat, cold, and pressure. The use UL approved labels that are certified to meet industry standards will ensure they stay attached to your equipment.

We Identify Your Product

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