What Are the Benefits of Custom Dome Labels?

When it comes to choosing the right label for your product, there are many things to take into consideration: Will the label be used for branding? Will the label be exposed to the elements? Do you need a custom cut and designed label? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you need to consider using custom dome labels.

Dome labels are three-dimensional ID labels that provide an eye-catching and durable means of labeling products. Their 3-D appearance and thick clear polyurethane coating create a high-end look to make product-branding really stand out.

Because of their durability, dome Labels are trusted by equipment manufacturers for permanent marking applications. Their urethane coating is chemical resistant and tolerant to environmental extremes.

Dome labels provide many other benefits:

• Their LSE adhesive backing adheres to powder-coated paint and polyethylene

• Their “self-healing” Polyurethane coating doesn’t show minor scratches or cuts

• Domed coating is non-yellowing and suitable for both indoor & outdoor use

• Domed labels can be permanently added at the end of a production cycle, offering time to adjust to new product developments.

Custom Options in Domed Label Printing

With our domed labels, creativity does not need to be compromised. We offer custom shapes and sizes of domed labels, as well as full color or screen printing options for exact color matching. Additionally, the transparent ink used during printing, with an added dome coating, creates an eye-catching label.

Let our label experts help you with your dome label needs. Contact us at 1.800.634.9701, or email us at, and get started designing the ideal dome label for your application.