Graphic Overlays

Custom graphic overlays made from polycarbonate or polyester thin films. Available in thickness up to 0.03” polycarbonate. A graphic overlay seals a device from the front, and offers colorful graphics and mechanical switch features. Deadfront display windows, clear and transparent colored LED or display windows, internal cut-outs, selective texture and/or adhesive patterns and embossed keypads or buttons.  Available with an LSE adhesive for powder coated surfaces.

Custom Graphic Overlays

< Mix of clear & colored transparent windows
< Internal cut-outs
< Black deadfront windows
< Screen print for color match
< Digital laser cut custom shape
< Combination of UV inkjet and/or screen print
< Black deadfront display window
< Color LED windows
< Custom embossed keypads
< Selective adhesive coverage
< 0.030″ thick polycarbonate
< Screen printed metallic silver ink
< Optically clear window
< Embossed buttons

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