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Importance of Brand Consistency: From Messaging to Custom Product Labels

The marketplace is a crowded place, indeed, with competing companies jockeying for position and attention. According to an interview piece published by, “We live in such an over-communicated society that it just takes so long to penetrate and make an impact . . . If you keep changing that message, the message itself never has time to really take hold in the mind.”

Plus, the article continues, companies often make the mistake of trying to please everyone – therefore, of course, pleasing none.

Social Media Today chimes in with another problem of inconsistent branding, that it “makes it harder for people to verify the authenticity of your communications.” Meanwhile, the article lists benefits of consistent branding, as follows:

  • Helps you to differentiate your business, making you stand out in your customers’ minds
  • Gives your business a personality and an identity that people can relate to
  • Effectively delivers and reinforces your key messaging
  • Meeting customer expectations helps to drive authority and trust in your business
  • Drives customer loyalty and brand evangelism

Brand Management Statistics

Not convinced yet? Reputation Corporation quantifies the importance of having a recognizably reputable brand:

  • 72% of consumers say reputation influences their buying decisions
  • 80% of employees will accept less pay to work for a company with an excellent reputation
  • 89% of people say that brand reputation is the “tiebreaker” when considering equivalent products

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Here are tips from

First, know your audience – and then deliver messages that are appropriate to the forum being used. What’s helpful in a tweet, as just one example, isn’t detailed enough for a television commercial. Text-heavy messages, as the article points out, don’t play well on Instagram. Also use a consistent and appropriate voice.

Make sure that you’re sharing brand messages frequently enough, including the appropriate amount of educational (versus promotional) material. And, remember that people want to do business with other people, so use your branding and marketing to develop relationships.

Custom Product Labels: A Crucial Element

A key ingredient in consistent branding: custom labels that allow consumers to quickly recognize your brand and what it stands for. We’re here to help! Contact us online today to discuss your custom product label needs or call 206-682-0141 or email

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