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Custom product labels: consistent branding

Importance of Brand Consistency: From Messaging to Custom Product Labels The marketplace is a crowded place, indeed, with competing companies jockeying for position and attention. According to an interview piece published by Inc.com, “We live in such an over-communicated society that it just takes so long to penetrate and make an impact . . . […]

Custom product labels help to maintain safety

Specialized Kind of Custom Labels: Warning Labels Perhaps you’ve created and/or sell a product designed to make people’s lives easier and better – and the last thing you or your company wants is for someone to get hurt by using your product. You don’t want to see anyone get hurt – and you don’t want […]

UL label certifier buys out National Analysis Center

We create UL labels — and we watch for Underwriters Laboratories info in the news! In July, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced that the acquisition of the National Analysis Center (NAC), a privately held company that is considered the “standard for mobile phone, automotive infotainment and mobile accessory interoperability and usability testing.” This purchase significantly increases […]

Medical device labeling in the news: FDA study

Medical device labeling in the news: FDA study The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides precise guidelines for pharmaceutical labeling, from what information must be included to how it is laid out – even the font size required. So, these labels are largely standardized. Contrast that with labels for medical devices, which are somewhat […]

Graphic Overlays Adhesive Labels

Graphic overlays are used across all industries that require a custom control instruction for machine or device operators. From medical devices seen in patient rooms to monitor vitals, to industrial machinery, a graphic overlay has been employed to identify the inner workings of the machine and to help instruct the proper interface with the machine. […]

Labels for Energy Device Manufacturing

The need for adequate labeling exists across all industries as labeling is the key to communicating the proper usages of equipment. However, some industries require that labeling meet certain standards for safety reasons. Labeling in the energy device manufacturing industry require special UL 969 certified labels according to the UL Standards requirements in the U.S. […]

Adhesa Plate Graphic Overlay Solutions

Graphic overlays are the ideal solution for creating unique and custom designs for your industrial equipment or electronic device. Offering accurate cutouts for switches or keypads to transparent windows for LED or LCD displays, we can create the graphic overlay that will enhance your products image using UL 969 certified materials and manufacturing processes. Adhesa […]