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Adhesa-Plate specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of quality custom labels, product markings, graphic overlays, membrane switches, insulators and shields since 1954. Our products are UL 969 tested and approved, and our internal quality system is based on ISO 9001.

From medical equipment graphic overlays to laboratory labels, Adhesa Plate can help you find the right solution to your demanding medical label application.

In search for machinery and equipment labels that are designed to meet the demanding performance requirements industrial equipment requires? Adhesa Plate can help you find the right solution to your unique industrial equipment label application.

Whether you are looking for a UL approved warning label, or a durable graphic overlay for your device, Adhesa Plate can help you build the perfect label to suit your unique application.

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Custom product labels: consistent branding

Importance of Brand Consistency: From Messaging to Custom Product Labels The marketplace is a crowded place, indeed, with competing companies jockeying for position and attention. According to an interview piece published by, “We live in such an over-communicated society that it just takes so long to penetrate and make an impact . . . […]

Custom product labels help to maintain safety

Specialized Kind of Custom Labels: Warning Labels Perhaps you’ve created and/or sell a product designed to make people’s lives easier and better – and the last thing you or your company wants is for someone to get hurt by using your product. You don’t want to see anyone get hurt – and you don’t want […]

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What People Say About Us

You guys are awesome. Thank you.

Dri-Eaz Products10-24-2013

The parts arrived today, you rock…thank you from Goal Medical.

Goal Medical, Inc.9-30-2013

The new keyboards arrived yesterday and are perfect. Thanks for a nice job.

Rugid Computer9-13-2013

We received the Pegboard parts (screen printed plastic) – they look awesome! Thanks.

Mimic Technologies6-24-2013

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new batch of labels you sent. They work perfectly on the device.

Specialized Medical11-1-2012

Thank you for your outstanding customer service.


Just wanted to tell you thanks again for the great customer service. You made my day!

Cummins Onan9-4-2012

I just heard that our rush label order is shipping today. Thank you for your outstanding customer service.

Intermec Inc.8-31-2012

A huge thank you to you and everyone at Adhesa Plate who had anything at all to do with helping us get our labels yesterday. Within a couple of hours they had been picked up at your facility, and were delivered to our facility last evening. Though not something we’d be willing to do for every order, this allowed us to meet a critical shipment this morning. Important from a revenue standpoint, it also demonstrated to our customer that we can meet their expectations. We salute you.

AC Data Systems Inc.8-23-2012

Thanks for our new labels. They are fabulous.

Last Mile Gear7-6-2012

I just saw the new labels – they look great! I’m impressed with your digital printing and how the gradient came out. And thanks for sending me the domed samples. They’re cool – maybe we’ll be able to do that on one of our labels in the future.

Coastal Enviromental Systems6-25-2012

Approved proofs attached, please acknowledge.
Your Company is very responsive, thanks a bunch.

CALIENT Technologies Inc.5-20-2015

Congratulations you are on our preferred supplier list. We want to thank you!

  • Level 1 = Good pricing, on time delivery, product quality, customer service.

This letter is to notify you that your current supplier rating status is at a rating of 1.

SytechSupplier Quality Assurance System - 3-25-2015

Our stickers arrived yesterday and they look fantastic!


The new keyboards arrived yesterday and are perfect.  Thanks for a nice job.

Rugid Computer10-13-2013

Labels are perfect.  Thank you

Specialized Medical, L.L.C.6 August 2015

Thank you very much for getting this done – always a pleasure to work with Adhesa-Plate.



Our UL tested products ensure durability and long life. We can confirm that the materials used to make Adhesa Plate products are RoHS compliant. Find out more about our certifications below.

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